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Do You Speak, Spoke?

Whether you're an existing HubSpot user or simply Hub-curious, join our sales community dedicated to practical advice and expert recommendations.

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Part “ask me anything (AMA)” and part open forum, every week the SpokeSpeak team will curate leading voices from the HubSpot, HubSpot Partner and wider sales community to discuss all things sales. 

Focused on practical advice, expert recommendations and other timely talk; SpokeSpeak is a community-oriented platform to discuss all things sales and HubSpot, so come as you are and enjoy the give-and-take of our solutions-focused user group.


What Our Listeners Are Asking

"Can HubSpot help me target smarter? ie right audience, channel, right time?"

Reading, England

"How many cold calls will I need to make before I talk to a prospect?"

Leeds, England

"How do I raise the budget question with my prospects?"

Sydney, Australia

"How do I work out if my prospect can give me an order?"

Edinburgh, Scotland

Go ahead, don’t be shy! Ask anything Sales or HubSpot related and we’ll be more than happy to answer in our upcoming episode


Peter Russell-Smith

Peter Russell-Smith

Technology CEO with experience in major U.S. software companies. Leading sales and implementation teams in the UK, EU and APAC.

Adam Bell

Adam Bell

Marketer come sales person with both corporate and startup experience. Skilled in marketing, sales and CRM implementation.


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